2014 McKinley Springs Cinsault


Cinsault is a unique varietal with a unique flavor profile; candied strawberries and spice. A great partner to fish, poultry, and lighter fare.

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Cinsault is grown throughout Southern France and most notably used as a blending grape in the Rhone Valley’s Chateauneuf-du-Pape. It is a major component of most Provence Rose wines. It is planted in Washington in small quantities.  It requires plenty of warmth and is resistant to drought and strong winds. Robert Ramsay Cellars brought this varietal into the winery in 2009 to make Rose and to blend into Syrah and Mourvedre. It was so wonderful on it’s own we had to put it in a bottle by itself for you to try.

BLEND: 100% Cinsault

APPELLATION: Horse Heaven Hills

VINEYARDS: McKinley Springs


ALCOHOL: 15.4%