2014 Le Mien


Inspired by Chateauneuf du Pape, Le Mien is a beautifully complex and balanced wine showing exquisite spice characteristics and a long finish.

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Inspired by the Southern Rhone Valley’s Chateauneuf du Pape wines, Le Mien blends Counoise, Cinsault, and Morvedre into a base of Grenache. The Grenache provides wonderful minerality and red fruits, which the differing spice and fruit flavors of other Rhone varietals build into new and complex flavors.

BLEND: 56% Grenache, 11% Cinsault, 11% Counoise, and 22% Mourvedre

APPELLATION: Columbia Valley

VINEYARDS: Upland Vineyard, McKinley Springs, Red Heaven


ALCOHOL: 15.2%

Food Pairings

Le Mien like all Robert Ramsay Cellars wines loves food. The medium bodied nature of the wine and its red fruit flavors make it very versatile, pairing well with cheese, white meats, and even fish. It’s spice profile will hold up to stronger spice profiles in your sauces and rubs as well.


Upland Vineyard: Upland Vineyard is a truly unique growing site in the Yakima Valley. It is predominantly planted on a steep south facing slope above the Yakima River and farmed over the last four generations by the Newhouse family. The soils are silt and broken basalt and Grenache loves this vineyard. Many of the top Grenache wines made in Washington coming from Upland Vineyard. Robert Ramsay Cellars sources Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon from Upland Vineyard.

McKinley Springs: Deep in the Horse Heaven Hills, McKinley Springs was first planted in wine grapes in 1995, where the Andrews Family has been farming for 3 generations. The soils are deep sandy loams on top of broken basalt and are very well suited to the heat loving Rhone varietal grapes. Robert Ramsay Cellars has been working with Rob Andrews and McKinley Springs since before 2005, where we source Syrah, Mourvedre, and Cinault.

Red Heaven: The Red Heaven vineyard is located on Red Mountain, one of Washington’s most celebrated appellations. The soils here are the result of the ancient Missoula floods, depositing rocks and silt from the Rocky mountains. These alkaline and carbonate rich deposits are touted to be some the best soils for wine grape vines in the world. Robert Ramsay Cellars sources Counoise from Red Heaven.

Tasting Notes

Le Mien reminds me of the desert. Big minerality from the Grenache mixes with the candied fruit qualities of Cinsault. The Counoise and Mourvedre provide spice and depth. I get Pomegranate, cinnamon and raspberry on the palate. Me thinks this wine loves food.