2014 Red Heaven Counoise


Counoise like it’s close cousin Syrah is a dark wine with licorice, dark fruit, and spice. It’s accompanying meaty characteristic makes it great with lamb, duck, and other like meats.

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Counoise has been grown traditionally throughout Southern France, and now today is planted in California and Washington. It is known for peppery and meaty flavors, and great acidity. A close cousin of Syrah, the wine is dark and full. It is often used as a blending grape, but we have found the wine stands on its own providing complexity and depth, and is a great food wine. It is medium bodied and has a peppery note and good acidity. Robert Ramsay Cellars is one of a handfull of wineries in the United States bottling this grape as a single varietal wine.

BLEND: 100% Counoise




ALCOHOL: 16.1%

Food Pairings

Counoise loves dark meat and dark sauces.  Braised lamb shanks with Provençal herbs, mushrooms and tomatoes is the perfect pairing for this wine, especially when it is added to the sauce.


Red Heaven: The Red Heaven vineyard is located on Red Mountain, one of Washington’s most celebrated appellations. The soils here are the result of the ancient Missoula floods, depositing rocks and silt from the Rocky mountains. These alkaline and carbonate rich deposits are touted to be some the best soils for wine grape vines in the world. Robert Ramsay Cellars sources Counoise from Red Heaven.

Tasting Notes

We love this wine.  Much like the 2012 vintage of this unique varietal, it reminds us of a big meaty buffalo steak covered in black pepper.  Same bold, deep earthy character, it finishes with leather tobacco and dark spices.  Year round, this wine screams for barbecue.  It also pairs very well with the blue cheeses and black mission figs.